Australia say RCEP will next year 1 month implement

Japan media common agency 3 th news, Japan、 China、 South Korea、 ASEAN(ASEAN) etc. total 15 country join RCEP expect 2022 year 1 month 1 th implement。 Australia government release the news。RCEP is pass cut down tariff and unity rule come urge free trade  frame, will help export corporation。 to Japan, this will is first and China and South Korea two countries economy partner relation agreement(EPA)。 member state domestic GDP and population total all occupy global about 30% maximum economy of scale region will born。

Australia government 2 th express, the country and New Zealand complete approval programme, agreement implement condition already content。 Japan and China etc. already complete procedures country,RCEP will produce effect。

from category analysis,RCEP member state whole tariff revoke rate for 91%。 as also include developing emerging market country, and economy powerful country more Trans Pacific Partnership Agreement(TPP) compare, liberalization level lower。TPP tariff revoke rate aspect, Japan for 95%, other 10 country for 99%~100%。

to Japan exportable auto spare parts etc. industry product levy tariff from next year 1 month begin penny stage drop, finally achieve revoke 92%。 face Chinese product, auto engine spare parts basically henceforth all will revoke tariff; face Korean product, car use electronic spare parts、 golf rod etc. tariff will by revoke。

Japan imported goods also will gradual down tariff。 however, to agriculture and forestry aquatic product levy tariff revoke rate for 49%~61%, enormously below TPP 82%。 aim protect Japan domestic agriculture。 rice and wheat etc. agriculture products 5 sensitive breed not belong tariff reduction target。 investment rule aspect,RCEP ban government ask garrison corporation transfer technology, seek corporation freedom engage in economy activity。

ASEAN outside country, Japan、 China、 Australia、 New Zealand already complete procedures。 according to Australia government introduce, ASEAN Brunei、 Cambodia、 Laos、 Singapore、 Thailand、 Vietnam 6 country or already done procedures or by regarded as done。