OPENING SOON!The 15th China International Hosiery Industry Expo showcases “a warm way”

International Business News  –  The 15th China International Hosiery Industry Expo with the theme of “Datang Socks Industry, the Warm Way” will open on October 28 , 2021  in Zhuji International Trade City (Torreya Grandis Hall). What can we expect from this year’s event?

In recent years, focusing on building a leading area of world-class socks industry cluster, Datang socks industry has actively promoted the development of intelligence, fashion, branding and intensification. The economic form of traditional socks industry is accelerating the transition to modern industrial system.

The production workshop of Yiheng Knitting completed digital transformation and upgrading last year, and all 220 old hosiery machines were networked. According to the order, the workshop produces an average of 1560 patterns of products every day. The old machine needs to change the machine components before the production of each pattern, which is time-consuming and laborious. However, Since the hosiery machine is connected to the Internet, the production efficiency has been greatly improved in the process of changing the machine components. In addition, the hosiery machine with “brain” also solves the pain points such as inaccurate data and waste of raw materials caused by manual counting and manual order arrangement, and also saves the production cost.

It is known that in order to help traditional socks enterprises embark on the road of digital transformation, Datang street has strengthened policy support, not only providing awards and subsidies for enterprises to purchase digital equipment and transform traditional equipment, but also signing a triple agreement with “government, bank, association”. This agreement has an overall credit of RMB 1.65 billion, with special treatment such as unsecured, low interest rate and installment payment, reduce the loan threshold for the intelligent transformation of enterprises.

Up to now, Datang street has built a total of 34 digital workshops and 11 digital demonstration enterprises. It is expected that 20 more digital workshops and 10 digital demonstration enterprises can be added by the end of this year.

Datang warehouse distribution center is the first intelligent logistics sorting line in the province. Since it was put into operation last year, the average daily delivery has reached 250000 pieces, and the annual delivery has exceeded 90 million pieces, of which nearly 95% are sock parcels. The delivery volume is so large, but the overall error rate is close to zero, which effectively reduces the logistics cost of socks enterprises.

The “digital warehouse” supporting the intelligent sorting center is more like a comprehensive service station, which provides one-stop supply chain services such as warehousing, packaging and data output for e-commerce enterprises in the sock industry in a site of nearly 30000 square meters. Here, intuitive big data can help e-commerce enterprises further improve their market analysis and prediction ability. Many Datang socks enterprises are interested in the digital and one-stop professional services here to cooperate with them.

Taking the trend and development of the digitization, from January to September this year, Datang socks industry achieved prosperous production and sales and increased both quantity and quality, accounting for more than 35% of world output from about 30%, self operated export increased by about 25% year-on-year, and the total industrial output value of above designated socks enterprises increased by about 35% year-on-year.

Next, Datang Street will continue to focus on the deep integration of digital intelligence applications and traditional industries, actively explore the digital intelligence architecture of the whole industry chain with the core of “socks industry brain, digital intelligence factory, and digital infrastructure,” expand the digital space, promote innovation breakthrough and transformation of technical achievements, and enable the transformation and upgrading of traditional socks industry.