JapanGDP rank global third

Japan GDP at 2020 year maintain global third, and 30 year former 1990 year compare, convert for dollar only increase 1.6 times。 and America( increase 3.5 times) and second位 China( increase 37.5 times) compare, Japan […]

India keeps lending rates unchanged

India’s central bank left its lending rate unchanged, though it warned that the recent surge in Covid-19 cases in the country could weigh on the domestic growth outlook. The “monetary policy committee voted unanimously to […]

Canada Annual CPI Rises 1.1% in February

Canada’s annual inflation rate accelerated in February, supported by higher prices for gasoline. Canada’s consumer-price index rose 1.1% on a year-over-year basis in February, Statistics Canada said Wednesday, slightly faster than the 1% increase recorded […]

Vietnam sets economic growth target for 2021

On January 4, the Vietnamese government issued the “Resolution on Realizing the Main Tasks and Measures of the 2021 Social and Economic Development Plan and the State Budget.” The “Resolution” made it clear that it […]

Bank of Korea maintains loose monetary policy in 2021

The Bank of Korea foretells the tone of loose monetary policy and lists asset price increases and private credit as risk factors. The Bank of Korea released a report on the 25th entitled “The Implementation […]