Trader Joes

Trader Joes

Trader Joes first originated in a convenience store in California in 1958, but the store that really has the prototype of today’s Trader Joes store opened in Pasadena, Los Angeles in 1967. In the early days, it mainly sold California food, especially alcohol. Almost all California-produced alcohol can be found. At that time, the waiter was dressed in Hawaiian tropical clothing, creating a casual atmosphere in the store. This tradition is still maintained, including the company website, which has the same casual style. Now, this store is still in operation, and maintains the original pattern.

In 1979, Aldi North acquired Trader Joes, but it still operates independently. Aldi is the most successful discount store in the world. Headquartered in Germany, the family is divided into Southern Company and Northern Company. The former operates about 4,700 stores, and the latter operates about 5,800 stores. It is currently open in most European countries, the United States and Australia. There are stores. According to the information on the Business Insider website, the Karl Albrecht family, who founded and managed Aldi, had a net worth of approximately US$45 billion in 2014, making it one of the richest families in the world. The company has conducted in-depth research on the Chinese market.

In 1995, Trader Joes began opening stores in the eastern United States, and in 2006 entered Manhattan, New York.

In addition to the organic food giant Whole Foods in the United States, it has also established a unique company, Trader Joe’s. In 2010, the company’s operating income exceeded US$8 billion, which was comparable to Whole Foods, but its operating income per square foot was as high as US$1,750, twice that of the latter. As of May 2011, Trader Joe’s opened 356 stores in 28 states in the United States.

Trader Joe’s is called trader because the store buys goods directly from farms and manufacturers all over the world, without going through middlemen or agents, so all products are Trader Joe’s own trademarks, and you can’t find anything else in the store. Supermarkets are flooded with shelves of large-scale industrialized brands, such as Sparrow’s Nest, Forced Health, or Coca Not Happy. Therefore, Trader Joe’s is sought after by the middle class who regard industrialized food such as Mak Kee as rubbish.