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Trader聽 Paraphrase

Trader, originally refers to bartering, and later refers to the buying and selling of commodities.

Trader refers to the exchange of value between the two parties through currency and services. Often in currency or services


Trader, also known as trade and exchange, is the act of exchange of valuable goods and services between buyers and sellers. It can be a process in which currency is the medium of Trader, or it can be a barter, such as one ox in exchange for three pigs.

Trader (financial concept)

In a broad sense: Trader refers to the financial flow generated by the transfer of ownership or use rights between institutional units in accordance with the signed agreement to form new assets or liabilities.

Narrow sense: Trader refers to the value exchange behavior between the enterprise and external entities, such as buying goods and selling goods.

The so-called transfer of ownership or right to use refers to the abandonment of various rights, obligations and risks related to financial assets or liabilities through sale, transfer or other means.


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RV, also known as 鈥渉ome on wheels鈥, has both the functions of 鈥渉ouse鈥 and 鈥渃ar鈥, but its attribute is still a car, which is a mobile type with basic facilities necessary for home use.

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The RV is a kind of fashionable equipment introduced from abroad. The home facilities on the car include: bedding, stove, refrigerator, cabinet, sofa, dining table and chairs, toilet facilities, air-conditioning, TV, stereo and other furniture and electrical appliances, which can be divided into In driving area, living area, bedroom area, sanitation area, kitchen area, etc., the RV is a fashionable product that integrates 鈥渃lothing, food, housing and transportation鈥 to realize 鈥渢ravel in life, life in travel鈥.

Boat Trader

Boat Trader ( is a portal website that specializes in second-hand ship buying, selling, newbuilding, ship breaking and related ship trading services.

Boat Trader provides various market information such as ship trade information, ship trade related news, transaction reports, market analysis and commentary, and cooperates with shipping online member companies to provide financing, insurance, inspection, classification, import and export, etc. A series of supporting services, and on this basis, accept the commission of member companies to provide shipowner companies with ship trading brokerage services, and strive to solve the problem of member companies鈥 ship allocation in the most efficient manner.

Financial Trader

The so-called financial Trader refers to all traders that involve changes in the ownership of financial assets of institutional units, including the generation and settlement of financial claims and liabilities.

In a financial trader, an institutional unit will form or dispose of financial assets on the one hand, which will reflect the net acquisition of financial assets after offsetting; on the other hand, will incur and pay off debts, which will reflect the net occurrence of liabilities after offsetting.

Financial Trader, that is, exchange the current currency for the same amount of currency in the future, plus the rewards for forbearing or giving up liquidity preferences.

Liquidity refers to the ability to realize a certain financial asset.

Financial trader means to exchange currency for other financial assets, and among all financial assets, the liquidity of currency is the best. Therefore, the decrease of liquidity means the increase in asset risk holding. Therefore, when such a liquidity decreases and the risk of holding assets increases, the reward that should be obtained is interest.


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